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Outbound Training Modules

Build High Performance Teams
Our team building programs focus on aligning all participants to the team objectives, building problem solving and decision making skills, highlighting the effectiveness of win-win situation and the need to collaborate and cooperate to be successful. The underlying theme of team strengthening programs is trust, which plays a crucial role in a team’s ability to perform together.
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Leadership Development
Leadership development programs impart the skills necessary to be highly successful leaders. We focus on leadership competencies either defined by the organization or through discussion for a group of potential leaders and the behavior, the competencies are meant to translate into. Leadership program usually incorporates strategic thinking, goal setting, resource allocation, project management, decision-making, and empowerment of others.

Culture Building & Strategic Change Intervention
These programs are aimed towards organizations where there is a clear need to develop a culture that captures the spirit of the organization. Also, the programs focus on establishing clear direction in the face of change as the participating managers create shared vision, mission, and values. The programs seek to build a shared culture, manage transitions, integrate new structures, and strengthen the organizational fabric.

Group-dynamic Programmes
Group-dynamic programmes are experiential education exercises which help people to learn about themselves, interpersonal relationships, and how groups function from a group dynamics or social psychological point of view. Group dynamics can be understood as complex from an interpersonal relationships point of view because it involves:- relationships between two people, relationships between a person and a group, relationships between groups. Group-dynamic programmes are usually designed for the specific purpose of furthering personal development, character building, and teamwork via a Group-dynamic milieu.

New Employee / Student Orientation
New employee orientation sessions are designed along with the organization to thrust new hires into the process of integrating with the organizational culture, values, and expectations. These programs also focus on first time working force and deal with transformation from student to work life.

Consulting and Training Services
We easily adapt our programs to provide an experiential component to a larger development intervention ranging from increase in retention, alignment to organizational goals and culture building.

Building Partnerships and Alliances
This focuses on enhancing and developing more effective relationships with clients, vendors, suppliers, partners, and other alliances.

Seminars/ Retreats/Conferences
We build customized high energy and great fun modules for various off-site meetings, conferences and retreats. Our modules are high impact team building sessions that focus on getting the participants acquainted with each other along with sensitizing them to their roles in their teams.

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